Why the Hard Headed Father community?

The phrase Hard Headed Father has its roots in the book of Ezekiel chapter 3, verse 9. Basically, GOD said that he would strengthen the prophet Ezekiel to stand against a rebellious people and say “This is what the LORD says”. The Hard Headed Father community is for Christ-Centered fathers who desire to lead their families and raise their children according to the principles of our heavenly Father. This leadership is done in the middle of a society that rebels against GOD. This platform will allow us to discuss news and commentary regarding the many threats against fatherhood in our society. We will also be reviewing methods, principles and ideas on how men of GOD can be more of a blessing to our families.

Many of our families are broken and it is up to us to lead the charge in fixing them. For far too long we have let entities such as the government, the church and the schools attempt to do work that only a father can do. By letting these third rate substitutes take on primary roles such as teacher, provider and protector we have failed our children, our wives and in many ways we have given cause for the enemies of our LORD to blaspheme. OUR FAMILIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SET APART BUT THEY LOOK AND ACT JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

We must work together under the leadership and direction of our LORD to retake the ground we have given up in the raising of our children and leadership of our families. This ground was given up to the government, the school system, social media and many others. Our children do not derive their value from the number of likes and followers they receive on social media. They are valuable because they are made in the image of GOD. As fathers, we ought to be reminding them of this daily. Why are our children reading magazines telling them when and with whom to have sex? We should be telling them THIS IS WHAT THE LORD SAYS and carefully explaining why it was said.

There are real enemies we are fighting and many Christians who happen to be fathers have done a poor job of forming the proper battle rhythm needed to fight the attack we are under. How are we to properly protect and serve our families when we are not even observing, orienting, deciding and acting in prayer and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Our families are getting demolished and it is our fault. Join me in the fight for our families to the glory of GOD. Contribute and share your thoughts and ideas as we do battle for our families.

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