Fathers, Fight to Keep our Second Amendment Right!

According to the Oxford dictionary, punked is a verb meaning to trick or deceive. Over the years I have seen fathers get punked out of many things. Punked out of their families, especially in the African American community. History states that some politicians, way off yonder, said that for you to get these government benefits to feed your kids, you cannot have the father or man in the household. Many of our fathers were punked out of their households and their families. Back before the first gulf war, a 15-year-old girl named Nayirah spoke before congress claiming that Iraqi troops were kicking incubators over causing babies to die on the cold hard floor. This was repeated over and over again but it was later found to be a lie but the people in United States were punked into supporting this war, many of those men were fathers. Now, once again, they are using children, many of them who are our own, to punk us out of our Second Amendment right.

Why should we as fathers give up a tool that is used to protect ourselves and our families? Do you really think that we can totally trust our government to protect us all if they took away our guns? Do you think that everyone in government really wants to? I consider myself a patriot and I love the United States of America. I thank GOD that I am here but let us not forget that governments are run by people. I think many people in government good people who really want to help and there are many more who just want a check. There are some in government who act according to the evil in their minds and hearts. They do not care about the constitution, your rights, the rule of law or even what is right.

Let’s take a brief look at MK-Ultra, back in the 1950s and 1960s, groups in the CIA conducted mind control research on people by giving them LSD, a psychedelic drug, without their knowledge. On page 74 of the Senate Intelligence Report about the program states the following.

2. The Death of Dr. Frank Olson

The most tragic result of the testing of LSD by the CIA was the death of Dr. Frank Olson, a civilian employee of the Army, who died on November 27, 1953. His death followed his participation in a CIA experiment with LSD. As part of this experiment, Olson unwittingly received approximately 70 micrograms of LSD in a glass of Cointreau he drank on November 19, 1953. The drug had been placed in the bottle by a CIA officer, Dr. Robert Lashbrook, as part of an experiment he and Dr. Sidney Gottlieb performed at a meeting of Army and CIA scientists.

Shortly after this experiment, Olson exhibited symptoms of paranoia and schizophrenia. Accompanied by Dr. Lashbrook, Olson sought psychiatric assistance in New York City from a physician, Dr. Harold Abramson, whose research on LSD had been funded indirectly by the CIA. While in New York for treatment, Olson fell to his death from a tenth story window in the Statler Hotel.

There are many other examples throughout this report on how purely evil this program was. They used the MK Ultra program to attempt to learn how to mind control people. Punking people is a method of mind control and giving people psychedelic drugs is a different method. I would not be surprised if the same program was continued under a different name and exists today. We clearly cannot put the protection of our families in the government’s hands.

Typically, when a Christian speaks of self-defense there will always be someone who brings up part of Matthew 5:39, turn the other cheek. Whoever said that this verse was speaking of a self-defense situation? Loving my enemies does not mean that they can come in and rape my wife, beat my children and steal my stuff. I know that vengeance belongs to the LORD but self-defense is not vengeance. There are many instances in the bible where people obtained tools for self-defense and allow us to defend ourselves. Nehemiah and his team had swords for self-defense. Exodus 22:2-3 states that the Israelites are allowed to defend ourselves. Jesus even said to his disciples in Luke 22:36 to go out a get a sword if you do not have one. These directives were all given in the context of self-defense.

It is our GOD has given and our constitutional right to defend ourselves and our families. The second amendment is one of the tools we use for self-defense. This is not a left/right, progressive/conservative issue. We need to stop getting punked out of our rights. We need to stop getting manipulated into giving up our weapons of self-defense. Fathers, we must be controlled only by the SPIRIT of the most high GOD!

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